Potential Upcoming Significant Rainfall

As you may be aware, local weather forecasts are currently projecting potentially significant rainfall in our region.  The LID 6 Board and operational team are closely monitoring the weather.  Recent models indicate the potential for anywhere from 3″ to as much as 12″ of total rainfall in the coming week, with potential bursts of intense rainfall in a short amount of time.  Thankfully, Brazos River levels are currently low, and the ground is dry and should be able to absorb rainfall efficiently, at least initially.

All LID 6 drainage facilities are fully operational and max capacity to accept the incoming rainfall.  Your levee management and operators are monitoring the situation very closely and will take appropriate actions to manage the situation to the best of our hardware capabilities.

We encourage all residents to monitor the local forecast and take appropriate precautions, such as moving any garbage cans and parked cars off of the street prior to projected rainfall, and to never drive into high water.